Hi! I'm Janed - Please, Enjoy my 3D Show!

It is never easy. 

     Not just to write a self-introduction and not to change your thoughts the next day.

I find it difficult to believe that someone is reading this, cares about what I have to say.

      (it's statistically correct & natural common sense)

Eventually, it’s just a fragment of a personality that can not be put to frames, simply explained, nor fully understood by another.

     Hi, I’m Janed, a bit of a mess - a bit dotty, somewhat wicked.

Favorite colors are red & black, still value white.

     I’m not nutty enough to be isolated in a spotless-soft room.

Still not sound enough - for eternity paranoid about being controlled by the higher forces.

And in the end, the fact that global-normal means negative scare me - makes me worry.

     Where is the promised invasion? Or am I to save this world?

     I’m an artist who loves creating incredible 3D animations.
I enjoy anime - Japanese animation style, Science Fiction & Action genres, complicated sense of humor, and everything mixed into a single shot plus spiced up with horror, drama, and abstract insanity.

     (predators are not required, but indeed are fun to have)
I mainly use Blender 3D, but not limited to it.

To find me elsewhere You can use the directions below!

See You Around!

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United Kingdom