Offline εIMA Networking - To Notice

Updated: Feb 11

I am HAPPY to present εIMA exploring my online platforms.

Had a great time navigating her through 🥰

  • ArtStation

  • SketchFab

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

Can't really tell she got to the

Can not show what is inside there - because of reasons 😊

3D female character animation

The point is?

Somewhat a self-advertisement, but not on commercial purposes - Fairly traffic check.

After all - Some of the mentioned platforms I'm familiar with for many years. 🤔

3d character animation


εIMA Character, and the base Environment has Only Procedural, Emission Materials.

Image/video Textures of previous works as well as .blend appending.

You can watch the full video on YouTube!

#Blender3D #3DAnimation #3DCharacter #IMA

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